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Pinnacle Auto Glass Scholarship - $1000 Award [Paused for 2020 as of 8/3/2020]

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About Our Scholarship

Update: as of 8/3/2020 Our Scholarship is Paused Pending Updates on 2020 Academic Year

In light of the current academic uncertainty with both high schools and colleges, we have paused our scholarship for 2020 as of 8/3. We will re-evaluate once more details about the 2020 academic year are finalized at the high school and college levels, and post updated dates at that time.

We started the Pinnacle Auto Glass Scholarship program in 2017. Our goal with this program is to help support innovative young minds who share our passion for local business. We choose 1 winner each year for this scholarship.

How Much Does the Winner Receive?

The cash value of this scholarship is $1000!

Funds are sent in the form of a cashier's check to the winner's school. Cashier's check will be made out to the winner's name.

When Does the Winner Receive Their Money?

A cashier's check made out to the winner will be sent to their school within 1 week of the winner being announced on September 16, 2020.

Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship is open to all students currently enrolled in a high school or college program with any properly-accredited American high school, college or university.

In order to participate in this scholarship program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must currently be enrolled in a high school or college program with a properly-accredited American high school, college or university.
  • Must have a minimum GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Must apply for the scholarship via form on this page and provide your name, address and the name of the high school or college institution you are attending, plus your written essay.
  • Must submit your application using the form on this page by the dealined posted on this page.

2020 Important Dates

Submission final date: Paused

Winner announcement: Paused

$1,000 cashier's check will be sent directly to the high school, college or university of the winner in the winner's name.

Entry Form

Fill out my online form.

2019 Winner

The winner of the 2019 Pinnacle Auto Glass Scholarship was Ari M. from Arizona State University.

2019 Winning Essay

The Little Guy

Richard Branson a British entrepreneur whose net worth sits comfortably at a whopping 3.8 billion US dollars once said, "A big business starts small." This is pretty ironic seeing as the standard when comparing big and small businesses is almost always identical to the relationship between a cat and mouse. It's usually assumed big businesses, which Merriam-Webster defines as an economic group consisting of large profit-making are the bad guys on the cusp of running the little guy out of business. Small businesses can do more than get run into corners by corporations and big businesses.

First, look at a couple of big businesses and think about a few characteristics they all share. For the most part they are all strategically structured, customer service oriented, and has a distinct image no matter the location or community. The cookie cutter interior allows customers to have a fairly good idea of where their desired items might be located in the store, regardless if they've visited that location specifically or not. The workers while always there to assist aren't always personable and mostly harbor smiles thinly veiling their annoyance. However, despite their occasional lackluster enthusiasm you should always be able to identify the staff. It'd be rather shocking to walk into a Target Supercenter and find someone wearing a red polo, khaki's and sensible shoes isn't there to help you.

That being said, the concept of individuality probably doesn't even exist in the world of big businesses. They often offer token awards like employee of the month that celebrate the shining star or one who succeeded most as an individual but when you look at the way they operate the business it's all about the "we" mentality and existing as an entity. Each employee must sync into the idea that the customer is always right, or to get the sale. Could this be one of the reasons the workers rarely look like it was actually their pleasure to assist you? However, you can count on them to at least make you think you happy and or getting a great deal. Now here's how the little guy comes in to oppose the standard of almost any industry.

Small and more local businesses, the ones also known as the little guys, have a few means of defense against their bigger business industry rivals. First, they can provide their respective communities merchandise that corporations won't ever be able to provide. Unlike big businesses, local establishments are all different. Some businesses are readily stocked with unique items that might not be available in a bigger business. This is because big businesses have to deal with competing with larger scale competitors also marketing the convenience of finding everything the consumer needs in one place. They do this by appealing to the masses. Stocking their shelves with anything that might be trending or new. They provide services the everyday shopper may need or want without having to make several trips. While commonality seems to work best for the big businesses, the little guys deal with fewer people every day with more targeted desires. They have to largely take them into account when stocking its shelves or even providing a service because they can't always afford to sell something if sales aren't almost guaranteed. This is better to the consumer because they have the option to shop at more specialized stores. These stores choose a specific target market and delve into wide realms of that market. In doing this, they cut down on their competitors and give consumers more room for exploration of the desire product or service.

Another way local business' can outshine big business' in the eyes of the consumer is through its service. I've have had the pleasure of working with a local company for the past year and the experience was wildly different from all my past ventures at corporate companies. The work style leans more toward laissez faire but is still mostly based around a hierarchy. This differs from corporations and is significant because should a problem arise, usually it makes its way up to the owner or the higher ups fairly quickly if the matter is urgent. There are people in the world who prefer to not speak with answering machines or automated customer service and wants someone to hear what they have to say. Personally, I hate calling my bank because the automated system is far less than helpful, and I usually give up just to go to the onsite location anyway.

Local businesses are key in maintaining the balance of real and what's marketed. A closer look in this can also be seen in the smaller business' openness in the hiring process. Whereas most corporations have extensive hiring processes, local businesses can set their own employment standards meaning those who may not have the best pasts can get a second chance at a clean start. Most felons or those with criminal charges aren't able to be hired on at large corporations. Logically speaking there isn't much fault in this. If someone commits a crime who is to say they are morally driven to refrain from committing other crimes that would be detrimental to the company? But is there a need to punish someone who has already served the punishment from their crime? IT's almost like putting a scarlet letter across someone's shirt.

Going back to clean starts, local businesses are known to have a smaller carbon footprint meaning the service impacts the environment less. Not to say all small businesses as vegan, recycling and environmentally conscious, but every little bit helps in most cases. Small businesses indeed have their down falls as well and not all big businesses are monstrosities with huge carbon foot prints trying to run the little guys out of business. Its just important to know that the world isn't solely run on big businesses and major corporations. The community can continue to provide itself with support through entrepreneurship and innovation. The result of this can support the common consumer, the worker and even the environment.

2018 Winner

The winner of the 2018 Pinnacle Auto Glass Scholarship was Nicole S. from Mountain Pointe High School High School in Phoenix, AZ.

2018 Winning Essay

Local businesses are a cornerstone of the community and surrounding organizations. Not only are local businesses stories of hardwork and success but prove to support the surrounding community.

I am the president of Mountain Pointe High School's thriving robotics team. Two years ago we made it to the world championships and had to raise $40,000 in order to go. I headed the task of raising the money and was successful in my venture.

Upon arriving home, I started a business side of the robotics team in order to raise funds to attend competition. I reached out to large companies such as Google, Apple, and many more but they did not end up donating any funds to help my team thrive.

I started reaching out to do demonstrations at local engineering companies and asking for the sponsorship of my team. Little did I know, the amount of support these local companies had to support the STEM knowledge of my continuously growing team. Through this, I was able to raise $15,000 for my team as a cushion.

These sponsors are not big brand names but supportive individuals that are interested in the skills kids are developing while still in high school. This past year, we again qualified for worlds but our team had since doubled which mean the price doubled to $80,000.

With this cushion of money from local business, my team was able to go to the World Championships in Houston. The businesses respond to our emails, come to our school, and like to keep updated on our general well-being. Thanks to local businesses our team and many other clubs on my high schools campus can thrive.

Another example of this is Pomegranate Cafe. This cafe has always supported robotics and the theater club through holding dinner fundraisers. They provide food and funds for these clubs in order to support high schoolers education. There are countless more examples of local businesses impacting my school but this year I got to see their utmost support for the general community.

This year, I was a prime organizer for March For Our Lives. I was one of the orchestrators for the march that took place at the capital with over 15,000 attendees. The week before the March the organizer group decided that we wanted to sell bumper stickers with our logos and slogan on it in order to raise money for or future endeavors.

I called our local print shop and talked to the owner about the possible donation. They donated 500 bumper stickers within three days because of our late notice. This company showed their dedication to the young community by taking a risk to support a political endeavor.

Some bustling cities do not have a large amount of local businesses but many towns or cities thrive because of them. I was fortunate to visit Canada a couple of years ago, and the amazing thing I witnessed is that every store and restaurant is different. Unlike most of the United States, Canada's economy was being run by those local businesses that catered to the individuals in the community. Every town had something new and exciting to see or visit.

Local businesses impact my high school community immensely by supporting our club's endeavors. Local businesses care about the individual people in the community rather than just the economy and turning profit.

Local businesses are success stories that inspire coming of age people, like myself, to work hard and take a risk to follow my passion. Due to local businesses, there is a large array of culture and diversity in between towns. Local businesses are a prominent feature of today's society.

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