This page lists answers to common questions we hear from our customers about getting started, services we offer, paying through insurance, paying out of pocket, installation and our 100% warranty.

💡 If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer it for you!

Getting Started Questions

Question: I would like to get a quote to fix my glass. How do I get started?

Answer: Great! We would be happy to give you a free quote for your vehicle.

To get a free quote, please call us any time at 480-907-3982 or fill out our online quote form.

Question: What are your business hours?

Answer: We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Our hours are:

  • 8AM - 8PM Monday - Friday
  • 8AM - 5PM Saturday
  • 9AM - 5PM Sunday

Question: How can I contact you?

Answer: Give us a call at 480-907-3982 or fill out the contact form on our contact page.

Service Questions

Question: What types of glass damage do you fix?

Answer: We can either service damaged glass on any part of your vehicle, including:

  • Windshields
  • Mirrors
  • Door glass
  • Rear windows
  • Any other external glass

Question: What kind of vehicles do you work on?

Answer: In general, we can service any mainstream production vehicle made from 1981 - today. This includes vehicles made for the general public, plus vehicles made for light commercial use (police cars, work trucks, etc.). We stock inventory for the common vehicles we service, and we can generally order any glass we don't stock and have it ready for install within several business days.

We can also often special order glass for common older vehicles (muscle cars, etc.).

If you have an older vehicle or non-standard vehicle, please contact us and we'll let you know if we can get parts for it.

Question: What kind of service do I need?

Answer: Small chips can often be repaired but larger chips, glass with multiple chips, and cracks generally require new glass.

When you contact us your customer service representative can let you know what the options are to fix your specific glass damage.

Question: Are your technicians licensed?

Answer: Yes, all technicians are licensed.

Question: How much experience will my technician have? I want to make sure they do a good job on my glass.

Answer: All of our technicians have at least 3 years of experience. We want to make sure any work our technicians perform is done to a high quality, professional standard so we only hire technicians with 3 or more years of work experience.

Insurance Questions

Question: Is it true that I can get new glass for free? That seems too good to be true.

Answer: Yes! Most of our customers are able to get a brand new windshield for absolutely FREE!

We are able to offer this because we get paid by their auto insurance company. Many Arizona drivers have glass coverage on their auto insurance, so the majority of our customers qualify. If you're not sure if your insurance policy covers your glass, just give us a call today and we'll be happy to check for you right on the phone!

Question: Do you offer cash back or any other specials for customers with insurance coverage?

Answer: Yes! We are currently offering up to $150 free cash, or your choice of equal value in gifts to local businesses (gas, food, etc.). This means that customers with insurance coverage can receive both a brand new glass AND free cash!

For more information about our special offers for insurance customers, click here.

Question: I'm not sure if my insurance covers glass. Can you still help me?

Answer: Yes! We will be happy to check for you and give you a free quote for paying through insurance or paying out of pocket.

Just give us a call at 480-907-3982 and your customer service representative can look up your policy details right over the phone.

  • If your insurance covers glass, then we can tell you exactly how much free cash you can get.
  • If your insurance does not cover glass, then we can give you a low out of pocket price to fix your glass.

Question: Do you accept my car insurance?

Answer: Yes! We accept all auto insurance and we can bill them directly if your policy has glass coverage.

Question: Will my insurance go up if I use it to pay for my glass?

Answer: No! (in most cases)

Arizona law prevents insurers from raising rates for no-fault glass claims. If you have additional specific questions about glass insurance, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you with more specific information for your vehicle, glass damage and insurance coverage.

For additional information about Arizona law and insurance, check out our Insurance Guide page.

Out of Pocket (No Insurance) Questions

Question: Can I pay out of pocket to get my glass fixed?

Answer: Yes!

We are happy to accept out of pocket payment, and we make sure that we always have some of the Valley's lowest prices for out of pocket customers. Not all of our customers have glass coverage on their auto insurance policy, plus some customers just prefer to pay out of pocket.

If you have received a quote from another company to fix your glass, contact us today and we can beat it!

Question: What payment methods do you accept for out of pocket customers?

Answer: We currently accept all standard payment methods, including all major credit cards, cash and checks.

Installation Questions

Question: Can you come to my vehicle?

Answer: Yes! We can come right to your vehicle anywhere in the Valley to fix your glass.

Question: Is there any cost for mobile service?

Answer: No! Mobile service is included for FREE with every job we perform.

Question: What parts of the Valley do you offer mobile service to?

Answer: We currently offer mobile service coverage anywhere in the entire Phoenix metro area (and as far as 100 miles out, in some cases).

  • If you're anywhere in Greater Phoenix we definitely will be able to come to your vehicle.
  • If you're on the outskirts of town or a ways past it, just give us a call and we'll tell you if we can come to your location.

Question: Do you offer same day service? I'd like to get my glass fixed as quickly as possible.

Answer: Yes! We offer same day service in many parts of town.

Same day availability depends on which mobile technicians are in your area, plus your vehicle's make and model and what kind of glass damage your vehicle has.

If you're interested in same day service, please call us right away and we'll get your service details and location and tell you if we can come fix your glass today.

Warranty Questions

Question: Do you offer a warranty?

Answer: Yes, every service we perform is backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Question: How long is your warranty good for?

Answer: Our warranty is good for the life of your vehicle. As long as the original warranty document you receive at time of service is kept with the vehicle, we will honor the warranty (no matter the length of time, the current owner, etc.).

Question: What is covered under your warranty?

Answer: Our warranty covers any potential problems from our glass service, including any issues with the parts themselves and any installation issues.

For more information about warranty coverage, click here.

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