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$150 Cash Back Offer

We are currently offering up to $150 in CASH BACK to customers with glass coverage on their auto insurance! We will beat any legitimate offer from our competitors!

💡 More than 80% of our customers qualify for this special offer. Not sure about your insurance? Call today and we'll let you know if you qualify right over the phone!

In order to qualify for this offer, your auto insurance policy needs to include glass coverage (most policies in Arizona do). We will work with your insurance company to set up a claim for your new glass, and we will get paid directly by them.

To learn more about auto insurance and glass coverage in Arizona, click here.

Here's How It Works

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1. Call us at (480) 907-3982 to start your insurance claim and schedule an appointment.

If you're not sure if your auto insurance includes glass coverage, your customer representative will be happy to look up your policy details right over the phone and tell you if you qualify.

Remember, glass coverage is common on insurance policies for most newer vehicles in Arizona, so in cities like Scottsdale with lots of newer cars the vast majority of customers don't have to pay out of pocket.

  • If you qualify, we will get paid directly by your insurance company once the claim is processed.
  • If not, we offer low cash prices on glass for all modern passenger vehicles, plus we accept all standard payment methods to make payment fast and convenient.

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2. Get your new glass.

One of our mobile technicians will come to your vehicle and replace your damaged glass with brand new OEM or OEM-equivalent glass.

Our technicians are licensed, fully insured and trained in modern glass services. We want to make sure that your glass is serviced correctly the first time.

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3. Get your cash!

We'll send you a check for your cash within 14 business days after your service.


1. Offer is only valid on new windshields paid for through an auto insurance policy with glass coverage.

2. Offer is not valid for any non-windshield services, any repairs, or any repairs or replacements paid for directly by the customer instead of through auto insurance.

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