Technician fixing glass on Casa Grande street
Technician fixing glass on Casa Grande street

Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair in Casa Grande, AZ. BBB A+

  • Our windshield replacement shop in Casa Grande offers up to $275 free cash to customers using insurance for payment.

  • All Pinnacle Auto Glass customers in Casa Grande also get a 100% warranty and BBB A+ service. Get your free quote today!

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The #1 Auto Glass Company in Casa Grande

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Fix Your Glass in Casa Grande & Get Cash Back

Casa Grande residents needing windshield replacement services qualify for up to $275 cash back if they choose Pinnacle Auto Glass.

Free quotes are available by calling 480.907.3982. Call now to see how much you can get!

Auto Glass Specialists with 2 Decades of Experience in Casa Grande

We strive to provide superior service and leave every customer satisfied with their windshield repair in Casa Grande.

How have we succeeded in achieving these goals over the past 20+ years? In addition to cash back promos, we provide lifetime warranties, mobile service at no extra charge, and the best materials and workmanship in Casa Grande!

Free Mobile Service and Lifetime Warranties

We have been serving Casa Grande for years, so we are familiar with every street in town. Our mobile technicians can come directly to your address and repair or replace your auto glass.

After they complete the job, they will leave you with a 100% guarantee on parts and labor for the life of your car. We are confident that our glass is installed properly and we will make any issues with labor or materials right!

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Up to $275 Cash Back with New Windshield in Casa Grande

Up to $275 Cash Back

Cash Back Offer Details

  • Customers using insurance to cover the cost of a new front windshield qualify for up to $275 in free cash.
  • Total amount varies.
  • One of the best Casa Grande promos.
  • We accept any insurance glass coverage.
  • Plus, you'll get free mobile service in Casa Grande or Valley.
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Why Choose Us for Your Repair or Replacement in Casa Grande?

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Up to $275 in Free Cash

If you need a windshield replacement in Casa Grande and your insurer covers auto glass services, you can qualify for up to $275 in free cash! The exact amount depends on your policy and the type of glass your vehicle needs. Pinnacle Auto Glass is one of the best glass companies in Arizona that gives money back for new windshields!

What about customers paying out-of-pocket? We offer competitive pricing on all our services, from installing new windshields, to back and door window repairs. If you pay yourself, we can accept debit or credit cards, cash, and checks.

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We Serve All of Casa Grande and the Valley with Free Mobile Service

Our technicians come righ to your location anywhere in town. We provide the same quality service regardless of your location.

Our reputation focuses on quality, but we also provide fast service. In many cases, we can get the windshield replacement done the same day you call us. This depends on when you call, where our technicians currently are, and if we have your glass in stock at our shop.

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Skills and Quality Parts to Exceed Your Expectations

We only use OEM auto glass and components or OEM-equivalent alternatives. Our technicians also use quality material, such as quick-curing urethane adhesive to ensure strong bonds and to get you back to your daily life as fast as possible.

Our technicians have 3 years of experience before they go out on their first service call with us. They are also trained to ANSI standards and they meet licensing requirements.

Call Pinnacle Auto Glass at 480.907.3982 to get started today!

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Established Relationships with All Major Insurance Companies

Over the past two decades, we have worked with all major auto insurance companies in Greater Phoenix and Casa Grande. This means there won't be any delays in processing your request while we wait for approval. It also means we handle the paperwork and payment processes easily, so you don't have to worry about any additional documentation.

We can even sometimes help cover the deductible costs. If your policy has a deductible, we work with your insurer to cover some or all of it, intending to get your out-of-pocket costs as close to $0 as we can.

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Full Warranties on Our Services

After our technicians finish their work, they will leave you with a full warranty for parts and workmanship. If something goes wrong at any time in the future, we will come back and correct it for free.

Our warranty lasts for as long as you own your car, and comes with every replacement or windshield repair service. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Schedule Your Appointment Anywhere in Casa Grande

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We serve every neighborhood in Casa Grande and all areas of Greater Phoenix.

The Casa Grande districts where we work include:

Arroyo Grande
Casa Vista
Cottonwood Ranch
McCarney Ranch
McCartney Center
Mission Royale

Avoid Windshield Damage in Casa Grande

Most windshield damage occurs at faster driving speeds, which you can avoid in Casa Grande by finding alternatives to Interstate 10 and State Route 387. Local streets like Cottonwood Lane and Kortsen Road are ideal for avoiding highways.

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Auto Glass Prices in Casa Grande

Average Cost of Auto Glass Services in Casa Grande

The following table shows average costs from our database of quotes for different Casa Grande auto glass services.

Average Price*
Low Price*
High Price*
Windshield Replacement
Side Window Replacement
Rear Window Replacement

*Prices are from our auto glass quote database. Actual pricing varies by vehicle.

Auto Glass Replacement Pricing Estimates for Popular Vehicles in Casa Grande

Windshield and auto glass prices vary significantly according to your vehicle and its features.

This table shows estimated pricing for a new windshield or auto glass on some popular cars and trucks in the Casa Grande area.

Glass Type
Estimated Price*
2001 Dodge Pickup 1500 4 Door Quad Cab
2008 Nissan Pathfinder 4 Door Utility
2014 Toyota 4Runner 4 Door Utility
2015 Toyota RAV4 4 Door Utility
2017 Nissan Altima 4 Door Sedan
2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4 Door Utility
2020 Nissan Versa 4 Door Sedan
2022 Ford Maverick 4 Door Crew Cab
2023 Chevrolet Equinox 4 Door Utility
2023 Ram Pickup 1500 4 Door Crew Cab

*Prices are estimates only. Final price depends on vehicle.

Casa Grande Windshield FAQ

WHow much does it cost to get a Casa Grande windshield replacement?

The cost to get new glass depends on if you want to pay yourself or use your auto insurance.

If you use insurance, your cost will be $0 in most cases (except if your policy has a deductible, which isn't common).

If you pay yourself, the average cost for new glass in Casa Grande is $195-$410.

What do I need to do to qualify for cash back with my windshield replacement in Casa Grande?

Our cash promo requires a new front windshied paid for with insurance. The final cash amount will be determined by your vehicle and insurance.

Average cash amounts in Casa Grande are $50-$80, with the max amount going up to $275.

Can a technician meet me today in Casa Grande for my auto glass replacement?

Yes, we can get your appointment done today in some cases. We need to have your glass in stock and a tech in the area, so it's easiest if you drive a popular vehicle like a Toyota Sequoia and you want to meet your tech in a popular spot like the Promenade at Casa Grande.

What places in Casa Grande are available for me to schedule my auto glass replacement appointment?

Our service area in Casa Grande covers the whole town. We can meet you anywhere in any local neighborhood, from Westside, to Cottonwood Ranch, to Villa De Jardines, to anywhere else in Casa Grande.

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