Technician taking old windshield off car
Technician taking old windshield off car

How Much Does Windshield Replacement Cost?

The cost of a windshield replacement varies based on 2 factors: your auto insurance, and your vehicle type.

This page provides general cost estimates and guidelines for our windshield replacement and repair services. For a free quote with the exact cost, call Pinnacle Auto Glass at 480.907.3982 now!

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Windshield Replacement Cost with Different Levels of Insurance

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There are 3 different levels of glass coverage on auto insurance policies:

  • Full coverage: covers all auto glass costs
  • Comprehensive coverage: covers auto glass costs but includes a deductible
  • No coverage: doesn't cover any auto glass costs

Each level of glass coverage applies to any auto glass on your vehicle, including the front windshield, car door window glass, and rear window or back glass.

  1. Cost with Full Coverage Insurance

    A windshield replacement with full coverage insurance will cost $0 out of pocket. That's right – full coverage means your windshield replacement will be free!

    Most drivers have with glass coverage on their auto insurance have full coverage that totally covers the cost of the service.


    Drivers with full coverage who use their insurance for a front windshield replacement will qualify for our special offers!

  2. Cost with Comprehensive Coverage Insurance

    A windshield replacement with comprehensive coverage insurance will cost the amount of the policy deductible.

    In this case, the customer will be responsible for the deductible and then the policy will pay for the rest of the cost of the replacement service.

    We try and keep the cost for all customers using insurance at $0 or close to it. Many times, we can pay the entire deductible cost for you!


    Drivers with comprehensive coverage who get a front windshield replacement using insurance qualify for free cash back!

  3. Cost with No Insurance

    A windshield replacement without insurance coverage will cost the entire amount of the service.

    Policies with no glass coverage don't cover any auto glass costs.

    In this case, the exact cost will be determined by the type of service needed, the type of auto glass that needs to be fixed and the vehicle year, make and model.

    For customers not using insurance to pay for their service, we accept cash, credit or debit cards, and checks. We have some of the cheapest prices in town for windshield replacement or any other auto glass services!

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Windshield Replacement Cost for Different Types of Vehicles & Glass

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The exact cost of a windshield replacement service varies widely based on the type of vehicle and its specific features and options.

Windshield Replacement Cost Guidelines

Here are some general cost guidelines for different windshield types:

  • Windshields on new, luxury or foreign vehicles tend to cost more
  • Windshield replacement for vehicles with ADAS systems tends to be more expensive than vehicles without ADAS
  • OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass is significantly less expensive than OEM (original equipment manufacturer where the brand on the glass matches the brand of your vehicle)

Here are some cost guidelines for replacing other auto glass:

  • Rear (back) window replacement tends to cost more than front windshield glass
  • Car door window glass replacement is less expensive than front or rear windshields

Average Price Ranges for Different Types of Vehicles & Glass

Here are some average price ranges for various windshield and auto glass replacement services on different vehicles.

Vehicle & Service
Price Range
Newer, domestic car without ADAS chipped windshield replacement
Brand new, luxury SUV with ADAS cracked windshield replacement
20-year-old domestic pickup truck windshield replacement
Newer, foreign minivan rear (back) window replacement
Newer, mid-sized pickup truck door window replacement
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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Windshield?

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In some cases, your front windshield won't need to be replaced and we will be able to repair it instead. Many small chips and some minor cracks on damaged front windshields can be repaired.

Other types of auto glass like rear windows (back glass) and car door window glass cannot be repaired, so if they are damaged they will need to be totally replaced.

Cost to Repair a Windshield with Insurance

The cost to repair a windshield with full coverage insurance will be $0 out of pocket. This is the type of insurance most customers have, so most insurance customers don't pay anything out of pocket to get their windshield repaired.

The cost for a windshield repair with comprehensive coverage insurance will be the amount of the policy's deductible.

Cost to Repair a Windshield without Insurance

The average cost to repair a windshield without insurance will be $50-$150, depending on the type and amount of damage that needs to get repaired.

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