100% Lifetime Warranty

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Lifetime warranty seal

Every service we perform is backed by our 100% lifetime warranty. We stand behind our work and want you to be confident in any service you receive from us.

Our warranty covers all manufacturing or installation/workmanship issues for the life of the vehicle. Our warranty is included with every windshield replacement and all our other auto glass services.

As long as the original hand-written invoice you receive at the time of your service is with the vehicle, we will honor the warranty.


For exact warranty coverages and exclusions, please see the original hand-written invoice you receive at the time of service. This web page is not meant to replace your original invoice or serve as your official warranty coverage. It is simply meant to help explain the coverage we provide.

If you have a warranty question or concern, please call us at 480.907.3982.

Warranty Coverage

1. 100% coverage on both materials and workmanship

Our warranty covers all potential problems from both manufacturing issues like a defective windshield, and installation/workmanship issues like an air leak from an improper application of windshield sealant.

2. Coverage lasts for the vehicle's lifetime

Our warranty is good for the lifetime of the vehicle as long as the original hand-written invoice is kept in the vehicle and the vehicle is drivable.

3. Repair or replacement at our option

If your vehicle's glass is damaged under our warranty, we will repair or replace at our option the damaged glass at no cost to you.

If the damaged glass is repaired under our warranty and you are not satisfied with the repair, we will credit the cost of the repair towards a full replacement by us.

Warranty Limitations and Restrictions

1. Our warranty is good for the life of the vehicle:

  • as long as the vehicle is drivable, and
  • as long as the original hand-written glass invoice is present.

2. Our warranty does not apply to glass damaged from non-normal driving conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Theft or vandalism
  • Natural disasters
  • Impacts with foreign objects not encountered in normal driving
  • Pre-existing structural problems in the vehicle such as rust or structural damage
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