Technician fixing glass on Phoenix street
Technician fixing glass on Phoenix street

Rear Windshield & Back Glass Replacement: Pay $0. BBB A+.

Pinnacle Auto Glass provides convenient, mobile rear window replacement services. $0 cost with most insurance.

We replace all broken back window glass. 100% lifetime warranty. BBB A+

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Choose the Valley's Experts for Your Rear Windshield or Back Glass

20 years seal

Our Pinnacle Auto Glass team of experienced, mobile technicians provides high quality rear windshield replacement services anywhere you'd like in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Pay $0 with Insurance, or Cheap Prices Out of Pocket

We have some of the cheapest local prices for getting your rear window glass replaced, but most Pinnacle Auto Glass customers get the entire cost of their rear window replacement paid for through their auto insurance!

750,000+ Satisfied Local Customers

We have offered auto glass services here in the Valley for the past 20+ years.

During that time we've helped over 750,000 local drivers take care of their broken rear windshields and auto glass!

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How We Put a New Rear Window into Your Vehicle

Broken rear window Honda minivan

Here's how your technician will perform a back window replacement for your vehicle.


  1. Inspect damage
    Thoroughly check the damaged area to confirm that the glass does need to be replaced.
  2. Remove old glass
    Remove the old glass from the vehicle by cutting through the existing seal that attaches it to the frame and then lifting it from the vehicle using special tools equipped with suction cups.
  3. Clean area of old seal material
    Once the old glass is out, then clean up the work area to remove debris from the glass itself or the old seal.
  4. Apply new seal
    Apply a new seal to the frame, and then place the new glass on the seal to secure it to the vehicle.
  5. Test any power functions
    If there is any any power functionality such as defrost, etc., then check that it works correctly.
  6. Clean up
    Clean the work area again to ensure that no debris is left.
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Pay $0 with Insurance, or Cheap Prices Out-of-Pocket

Woman filling out an insurance claim on a tablet

We Work with Any Insurance Provider

There will be $0 cost to replace your rear window with insurance in most cases.

We have worked with all the major insurance companies (and most of the small ones), so we are familiar with all their processes and can help you if you have any questions. Rear window services don't qualify for deals or special offers.

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Our Prices Are Some of the Cheapest in Town

For customers who want to pay themselves, we have some of the Valley's cheapest prices for rear windows.

We can give you a free quote right over the phone in only a few minutes, and there's no obligation to you. Give Pinnacle Auto Glass a call today at 480.907.3982 for your free quote!

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What's Covered by Your Warranty?

Luxury car on Arizona street
Lifetime warranty seal

The whole thing! Your vehicle's new back glass will be backed by our 100% lifetime warranty.

If there's ever an issue with any of the parts (in this case, that means the actual rear window glass itself) or the labor and workmanship (like a seal that wasn't properly installed so it has air or water leaks), then we will take care of it for you.

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Is it possible to get rear window repair or do I need replacement?

Rear windows cannot be repaired, so once they have been damaged in any way they will need to be totally replaced.

We replace rear windows on all makes and models of vehicles. Get a free quote now by calling 480.907.3982 or filling out our online quote form!

How much does it cost for a rear window replacement?

The price for your new rear window installation depends on what kind of vehicle you have. The average cost for replacing a rear window is about $250-$500.

To get a free quote, give us a call now at 480.907.3982 or complete our quote form!

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