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Who Pays for Windshield Replacement?

The cost of a windshield replacement can be paid by the vehicle's auto insurance or by the customer.

Most customers get some or all of the cost paid by their insurance. For a free quote with the exact cost for your vehicle and insurance, call Pinnacle Auto Glass today at 480.907.3982!

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How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers Windshield Replacement?

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Most drivers have glass coverage on their vehicle's auto insurance policy:

  • Full glass coverage will pay for the entire cost of a windshield replacement.
  • Comprehensive glass coverage will pay for the cost of a windshield replacement but has a deductible that the customer or glass shop will need to pay.
  • No glass coverage doesn't pay for any costs, so the customer is responsible for the entire cost of the windshield replacement.

More than 80% of our customers get their windshield replacement or auto glass repair service covered by their insurance!

To determine if your insurance policy covers glass, look up the glass coverage section in your policy details page or call your insurance provider and ask which type of glass coverage your policy has.

All insurance providers, including Geico, Progressive, AAA, State Farm, USAA, Allstate, Esurance, Progressive, etc., will specify the type of glass coverage so you can determine if your policy covers glass or not.


If your policy doesn't currently include glass coverage, it's a good idea to add it to your policy as quickly as possible so you're covered for any future glass damage.

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Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield?

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In most cases, there is no reason to not use insurance to pay for a windshield replacement if your policy will cover it.

The reason most insurance covers glass in the first place is that windshield damage is so common in our state that insurance providers are required to offer glass coverage on their policies.

If insurance companies were not required by the state to offer zero deductible coverage, they most likely would not.

The state has set it up this way to protect our drivers, so it's a good idea to take advantage of their help!

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Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I File a Windshield Claim?

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In most cases, no. Your insurance rates won't go up if you file a windshield claim.

Arizona windshield law gives customers the right to choose which company they have replace their windshield.

It is the customer's right to choose any shop they'd like for any reason, such as cash back deals, a great warranty, friendly service or any other reason.

As long as the customer follows their policy guidelines, their rates shouldn't go up.

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Does Insurance Cover Windshield Repair?

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Glass coverage applies to both replacement and repair services, as well as all different types of auto glass on your vehicle like the front windshield, car door window glass and rear window or back glass.

If your policy includes glass coverage, then that will apply to both windshield repair and windshield replacement.

Most insurance providers are especially happy to pay for a windshield repair because it is much less expensive than a windshield replacement.

Does Windshield Repair Increase Insurance?

No, windshield repair does not increase insurance.

Since windshield repairs are much cheaper than replacements, many insurance providers will try to push their customers towards a repair even if a replacement is a better solution to fix their damaged glass.

How to Claim Windshield Repair on Insurance?

To set up a windshield repair or replacement claim:

  1. Contact your insurance provider to start the claim.
  2. Verify the damage.
  3. Choose your auto glass shop and schedule your service.
  4. Meet your technician at the time and place of your choosing.
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