Repairing equipment fixing damaged windshield
Repairing equipment fixing damaged windshield

Car Window Replacement: Pay $0. BBB A+. 100% Warranty

Pinnacle Auto Glass provides expert car window replacement services for all damaged car door glass. Pay $0 with insurance in most cases.

100% lifetime warranty with every new car door glass replacement. BBB A+ quality service.

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Why Choose Us for Your Car Window Service

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Pinnacle Auto Glass can replace your broken car window anywhere in the Valley, plus most customers pay $0 out of pocket!

With more than 750,000+ Phoenix Area customers over the past 2+ decades, we'll make sure your car window replacement is done properly.

We Accept All Insurance – Most Customers Pay $0

Auto insurance will pay for a side window replacement in most cases. If your policy covers glass like most do here in Arizona, we can likely get your window replaced for $0 out of pocket!

Fast, Convenient Scheduling

You choose your service location anywhere around town. We will have a technician come meet you for your car window glass replacement wherever you'd like.

We have schedule openings available all week from Monday to Sunday, and in many cases we can even come out to you the same day you call!

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Our New Window Process

Installing new car door glass

When you meet your Pinnacle Auto Glass technician for your car window replacement, here's how your technician will install your new car door window.


  1. Inspect damage
    Confirm that the window does need replacement by thoroughly inspecting it and the entire door for damage to the glass itself and damage to the window's raising and lowering functionality.
  2. Remove door panel
    Carefully take off the panel to get access to the entire glass piece(s).
  3. Remove damaged glass
    Remove all pieces of damaged glass and clean up any debris by vacuuming the area.
  4. Install new window
    Install the new window in the door.
  5. Test window's raising/lowering
    With the door panel off, test the window's raising and lowering functionality to make sure it functions correctly.
  6. Re-install door panel
    After confirming that the window is working properly, re-install the panel.
  7. Clean up
    Perform a final clean-up of the area to make sure there is no debris leftover.
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100% Lifetime Warranty on Your New Car Glass

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Lifetime warranty seal

Once your car window has been replaced, we will guarantee the work performed for life just like we do with all our services.

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Whatever Way You'd Like to Pay, We've Got You Covered

Woman filling out an insurance claim on a tablet

Most Customers Use Insurance So They Don't Pay Anything Themselves

The vast majority of Pinnacle Auto Glass customers get their new car windows totally covered by their auto insurance.

If you'd like to use your insurance for your service, we set up the claim with your provider for you and take care of the entire claims process from beginning to end. Note that car window replacements are not eligible for special offers.

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If You'd Prefer to Pay Yourself, We Have Great, Cheap Prices

We have some of the cheapest prices for replacing car windows anywhere in Greater Phoenix!

To make payment convenient, we accept all major payment methods including cash, credit and debit cards or checks.

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Can a broken car window be repaired or will I need a replacement?

No, car window glass is not repairable. If your window has been damaged, it will need a complete replacement.

We replace all types of car window glass. Call 480.907.3982 or fill out our quote form for a free quote!

How much does car window replacement cost?

The average cost to install a new car window is $100-$300.

The exact price depends on what type of vehicle you have.

For a free quote to replace your window, call 480.907.3982 or complete our free quote form.

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