Glass Reviews: Best Windshield Replacement Companies by State in 2024

We offer auto glass services to customers in Greater Phoenix, Arizona. If you need your windshield fixed in a different state, our auto glass pros have reviewed the top local companies by state to help you pick the best windshield replacement company near you.

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Why Trust Our Auto Glass Reviews

Our Team Has Decades of Experience in the Auto Glass Industry

Our auto glass pros have been working in the industry for decades. Our team has replaced hundreds of thousands of windshields over the years, and we currently offer a complete range of auto glass services to customers in Arizona.

Most Online Reviews are Written by Writers with No Real Experience

Most company reviews on the Internet are written by writers who don’t have any real experience working in the industry they’re reviewing. At best, they’ve written about that industry before. In many cases, they simply "learn" about it from Wikipedia.

We'll Help You Make an Informed Decision about the Best Windshield Company for You

Our reviews include the things that actually matter when choosing the best company to replace your windshield. We compare companies by OEM vs OEE windshield glass, if they offer ADAS recalibration after replacement, warranty details and more.

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The Best Windshield Replacement Near You

Find top local auto glass companies in your area to replace your windshield.

How We Rate Auto Glass Companies

We divided the windshield replacement process from start to finish into the criteria below. We used those criteria to identify the best windshield providers:

More scheduling options are better so customers can pick the one that best matches their schedule. We reviewed company websites to identify scheduling options like same day service, mobile service area coverage, in-store locations and more.
Special offers can lower the price for a windshield replacement service or add some fun perk like free meals or movie tickets. We checked company websites for special offers, plus we asked about available offers when we contacted companies for quotes.
Type of Glass:
OEM glass is made by or for the vehicle manufacturer, so it's guaranteed to work with the vehicle and any ADAS systems but it's significantly more expensive than the standard OEE glass. We examined company websites for information about the type of glass they use as standard, plus any options they have by customer request.
Technician Experience:
The more experience that technicians have, or the more in-depth their training, the more likely that the windshields they install will be done properly. We read through company websites to identify how they train their technicians or what level of experience they require.
Windshield Recalibration:
Modern vehicles with a windshield-mounted camera will require camera recalibration after new glass is put in. We checked company websites to see if recalibration is included for free, available as an option or not included at all with their replacements.
Warranty Coverage:
The elements of a good warranty are length of coverage, issues covered and area coverage is available in. We reviewed the warranty information listed on each company's website to identify how good their warranty is.
Common themes in a company's reviews can provide a good idea of what type of service they provide. We analyzed company reviews across the major review platforms to identify positive or negative trends.
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