Our Methodology: How We Rate Auto Glass Companies

There is a lot more to choosing an auto glass company than just price.

Factors like the ease of scheduling, the type of glass, the quality of the installation and whether a company offers windshield recalibration all contribute to a quality windshield replacement service.

Criteria We Use for Our Reviews

Our automotive experts broke down all the important elements in the windshield replacement process into the criteria listed below. We evaluated companies by these criteria to find the best local windshield replacement:

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How Quickly and Easily Can I Get My Glass Fixed?

A large part of the perceived quality of a windshield replacement is how convenient it is to schedule. There are multiple factors that affect scheduling, like how big the company's mobile service area is, whether they offer same day service, how long it takes them to get glass for your vehicle, etc.

How We Evaluated Scheduling

We looked at the geographic area that each company covers, the number of in-person locations, whether they offer same day service and their size (larger companies can get glass faster).

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Are Discounts or Extra Perks Included?

Some auto glass companies include deals with some or all of their services. These promo offers may reduce the final price the customer pays, or they may be something completely different like movie tickets, restaurant meals or free gas.

How We Evaluated Deals

We checked the company's website for any current special offers.

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Is OEM Glass Included or Available?

OEM glass is glass made by or for the original vehicle manufacturer. It will come stamped with the name of the manufacturer, i.e. Toyota, Ford, etc. OEE glass is made to the same standards as OEM, but it's made by other companies. It will have a different name on it than the vehicle manufacturer name.

A windshield replacement with OEE glass is much cheaper than OEM glass, often by 40-50%. If your vehicle doesn't have complicated ADAS features on it, or if it's a type of vehicle that goes through windshields often like a Jeep Wrangler, then the extra cost of OEM glass may not be worth it. On the other hand, if your vehicle has complicated ADAS features like heads up display, the extra cost of OEM may be worth it to help ensure everything works properly once the new windshield is installed.

How We Evaluated Type of Glass

We reviewed the company's website to see if they have an option for OEM glass, or if that's the standard type of glass they use.


How Experienced or Trained Are the Installation Techs?

A poor windshield installation can have leaks that let air or water into the vehicle and possibly compromise vehicle safety. An experienced technician minimizes the chances of issues with labor or workmanship.

How We Evaluated Technician Experience

We looked at company websites to identify if they put their technicians through a training process or had experience requirements for them.


Is It Included or Available if Necessary?

Modern vehicles with ADAS systems that have a windshield camera will require that the camera be recalibrated after a new windshield is installed. Some companies include recalibration in the cost of a new windshield and some companies charge extra for it. Some companies don't offer it all so you need to have it done by a separate company after your new windshield is put in.

How We Evaluated Windshield Recalibration

We reviewed their website for information about windshield recalibration and how or if they performed that service.

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What’s Covered, for How Long & in What Geographic Area?

Defective materials or a poor installation can cause a new windshield to fail prematurely or have air or water leaks. Leaks will be obvious right away, but poor materials may not cause problems for months or years.

How We Evaluated Warranty Coverage

We looked at the length of time warranties covered, whether they included both parts and labor, any exclusions they listed and what areas of the country they were valid in.


What Are Common Things Customers Have to Say?

1 customer review doesn't necessarily mean a lot one way or the other, but identifying common themes across many customer reviews can help give a good idea what it's like to work with a company.

How We Evaluated Reviews

We looked at customer reviews for companies across the major review platforms like Google, Yelp and more to identify major themes in how customers described each company.