Our Editorial Standards for Our Auto Glass Industry Reviews

Learn about the content and privacy standards we use when creating our reviews of auto glass companies and services.

Editorial Policy

Our goal is to provide the highest quality auto glass industry reviews so our readers can evaluate auto glass companies like a pro.

Our Reviews and Recommendations Are Entirely Our Own

We partner with a number of the companies we review, but we maintain editorial independence and we are not tied to any one auto glass company. This allows us to provide trustworthy guidance in our reviews based on our experience and industry expertise.

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Editorial Process

Reviews Based on Custom Industry-Specific Factors

We use a custom set of factors created by our industry experts to review auto glass companies and services.

We break down the entire auto glass service experience into its different components and evaluate companies by those auto glass-specific factors.

We go way beyond the simple factors that other sites have to use because their reviews aren't created by people with real industry experience.

How We Get Our Information and Data

To evaluate factors like type of glass available and technician training or experience, we review company websites or profiles on major platforms like the BBB website.

To evaluate customer reviews, we look at reviews on major review platforms like Google or Yelp and process them manually or automatically to identify common themes and trends.

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Expert Team

Our content team includes auto glass experts with decades of experience in the field and automotive writers with years of experience writing about automotive topics in a clear, user-friendly manner.

The list of factors and criteria we use to evaluate companies and services was created by our experts to allow readers to make thorough, well-informed decisions.

All of our content is designed to help someone with no prior knowledge of auto glass services choose the best company or service for their particular needs, just like a pro.

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We do not sell our user information to any outside companies, as explained in our Privacy Policy.

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