Our Windshield Repair Process

Windshield resin injector close up Windshield resin injector close up

When minor damage is caught in time, it can often be repaired.

This page explains how our windshield repair process works. For a free quote to repair your auto glass, call Pinnacle Auto Glass today at 480.907.3982!

A Fast, 20-30 Minute Process

Close-up view of repair process

Repairing an auto windshield is a fast, easy process that generally takes about 20-30 minutes. You will be able to drive away as soon as the repair is completed.

During the repair process, your technician will inject a liquid resin into the damaged area, filling it completely.

The resin acts as a structural bonding agent to hold the glass together and prevent damage from spreading. The injected resin will then be cured into a solid state using UV light, and polished smooth.

You may still be able to see faint marks in your repaired windshield. These do not compromise the windshield's strength and are a natural part of the repair process.


  1. Preparation
    To prepare the surface, your technician will thoroughly clean up any debris or shards.
  2. Tap or drill
    To allow the resin to fully saturate the damage, your technician will "tap" or drill into it. Minor cases may require just one tap, while more significant cases may require multiple taps.
  3. Apply resin
    After preparation and tapping, the technician will fill the damage with a special resin.
    • First, the injector will be placed immediately over the area.
    • Second, the air in the area will be vacuumed out.
    • Third, the resin will be injected in.
  4. Cure the resin
    Once the area has been completely filled, then the resin will be "cured", or hardened. This is accomplished using a special curing light that activates elements in the resin and changes it from a liquid to a solid.
  5. Apply more resin if necessary
    Depending on the amount of damage, more resin may be applied until the surface can be polished flat.
  6. Polish smooth
    Finally, the repair will be polished to ensure a flat, long-lasting, smooth surface.
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