Technician fixing glass on Downtown Tempe street
Technician fixing glass on Downtown Tempe street

Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair in Downtown Tempe, AZ. BBB A+

  • Choose Pinnacle Auto Glass for your windshield replacement in or around the Downtown Tempe area and get up to $275 free cash with insurance.

  • Full warranty on parts and labor on all new Downtown Tempe auto glass services. BBB A+. Get your free quote now!

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Why Choose Us to Fix Your Auto Glass in Downtown Tempe, Tempe, AZ?

Up to $275 cash back

Receive up to $275 Free Cash When You Use Insurance for Payment

  • Get up to $275 in money back when you choose Pinnacle Auto Glass for a new windshield through insurance in Downtown Tempe.
  • The precise cash back amount depends on your vehicle details and insurance coverage.
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Our Family-Owned Business Has Been Working in Downtown Tempe for 2 Decades

We have worked on windshields in Downtown Tempe and throughout the Valley for over 20 years. From full replacements to windshield repairs and auto glass services, we are your windshield replacement Tempe experts!

  • Our windshield technicians have a minimum of 3 years' experience.
  • We use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass.
  • Every replaced windshield has a 100% vehicle-lifetime guarantee.
  • Our team has more than 100 years of combined auto glass experience.
  • We can service all major car makes and models produced since 1981.
  • We can meet you anywhere in Downtown Tempe or the entire Phoenix Metro Area.
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Our Windshield Services in Downtown Tempe

Technician removing old windshield

Windshield Replacements in Downtown Tempe

Pinnacle Auto Glass offers a complete range of windshield and auto glass services, including professional replacements. Your technician will arrive on-site with all tools and materials ready to go, and in most cases they'll be able to completely replace your vehicle's windshield in just 45-60 minutes.

We only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass, and we use high-quality adhesive sealants that cure quickly. If your windshield needs replacing for any reason, we are here to help!

Windshield Repairs in Downtown Tempe

Windshield and auto glass damage doesn't always need replacing. If you've suffered a relatively small windshield crack less than 6 inches or a chip smaller than the diameter of a quarter, we can often repair the damage on-site. This process takes just 20-30 minutes, and we do it all at a location that's convenient to you.

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Serving the Downtown Tempe Community & All Nearby Areas

Downtown Tempe streetfront

Downtown Tempe is a vibrant urban neighborhood boasting endless entertainment and recreational options. From daytime attractions to evening entertainment, there's always something to do.1

This part of Greater Phoenix has experienced a recent influx of high-rise residential and commercial developments, along with its ever-expanding downtown business district. If you need a proven auto glass solution in Downtown Tempe, we can meet you anywhere you like.

Call Pinnacle Auto Glass at 480.907.3982 to schedule an appointment in Downtown Tempe or anywhere nearby!

Tip: Avoid Windshield Damage in Downtown Tempe

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, windshield damage affects everyone. The Greater Phoenix area is known for its dry weather conditions and roadside gravel, with loose stones by the roadside often causing chips and cracks. While bustling Downtown Tempe seems a long way from the desert, windshield damage is not uncommon on West University Drive, the Superstition Freeway, and other nearby roads. Take smaller side streets when you can to help keep you new glass free from damage like chips or cracks.


Serving All of Downtown Tempe

Choose any location in the downtown Tempe area for your mobile auto glass replacement or repair appointment.

Popular Locations in Downtown Tempe for Auto Glass Appointments

  • Culinary Dropout at The Yard Tempe
  • Original Chop Shop
  • Pita Jungle @ Mill
  • Zipp's Sports Grill
  • Zuma Grill
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Other Popular Tempe Neighborhoods We Service

Downtown Tempe Windshield & Auto Glass FAQ

What offers are currently available for Downtown Tempe windshield replacement customers?

Downtown Tempe customers who get a new windshield and use their auto insurance for payment can get up to $275 cash back.

What's the best place in Downtown Tempe to schedule a mobile windshield replacement or auto glass repair?

We cover all of Downtown Tempe from Culinary Dropout at The Yard Tempe to Original Chop Shop to Pita Jungle at Mill to Zipp's Sports Grill to Zuma Grill. Choose wherever you'd like for your windshield service and we'll meet you there. Call us at 480.907.3982 or request a quote now!

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