Rain Sensor Windshield Replacement - What You Need to Know

Windshield wiper removing water from windshield Windshield wiper removing water from windshield

If you have a broken windshield with a rain sensor, we offer mobile replacement services to fix your glass fast and get you back on the road.

This page explains how windshield rain sensors work and what you need to know about them if your glass is damaged and you need an auto glass replacement.

We can replace your windshield whether it has a rain sensor on it or not. Give Pinnacle Auto Glass a call today at 480.907.3982 for your free quote!

What Do Rain Sensors Do?

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Rain sensors are part of automatic wiper systems. The rain sensor's job is to identify when there's water on the windshield.

Once water is detected, then the automatic wiper system turns on the wipers to keep the driver's view ahead as clear as possible in wet or rainy conditions.

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What Are the Benefits of Automated Wiper Systems?

  1. Automatic wiper systems take the responsibility for turning wipers on away from the driver.
  2. This means the driver has one less task on their plate and can concentrate on driving. Automated wiper systems are especially helpful if the driver is tired or distracted by other occupants in the vehicle.
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Where is the Rain Sensor on My Windshield?

Headlight sensor on windshield

If your vehicle has a rain sensor, it will normally be located near the rearview mirror:

Rain sensors have a strip of lens or film facing the outside of the windshield.

If your vehicle also has a light sensor for an automatic headlights system, then the light sensor will typically be next to the rain sensor.

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How Do Windshield Rain Sensors Work?

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Measure light to tell when it's raining

Windshield rain sensors measure the light reflected backwards by the windshield's glass to tell when it's wet or rainy. The more raindrops or water are on the windshield, the less light is reflected backward to the sensor.

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Detect how much rain is on the windshield

By measuring the light reflected from the windshield glass, the rain sensor can not only tell when it's raining. It can also tell how much it's raining based on the amount of light it detects.

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Set speed of the wipers according to amount of rain

When the sensor detects a certain amount of rain or water on the windshield, the automatic wiper system turns on the windshield wipers to the corresponding speed. If the wipers are already on, then it can also adjust the wiper speed to match the rain conditions if necessary.

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Windshield Replacement & Rain Sensors

When your windshield has been damaged and it has a rain sensor, then the sensor may need to be replaced in some cases.

Rain Sensors & Windshield Repair

If the damage doesn't include the rain sensor, then it should be fine and won't need to be replaced.

Rain Sensors & Windshield Replacement

If your windshield damage is significant and requires a complete replacement, then the rain sensor may need to be replaced. In some cases, we may be able to re-use the original sensor. When you speak with your Pinnacle Auto Glass customer service representative, they can help determine if a new rain sensor will be needed with your windshield replacement.

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