Heated Windshield Replacement - What You Need to Know

Cracked windshield with wire heating element grid Cracked windshield with wire heating element grid

This page explains how heated windshields work and what to know if your heated windshield gets damaged and needs a car windshield replacement.

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What's a Heated Windshield?

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A heated windshield is a windshield with a built-in grid of wires at the bottom of the windshield.

When the heat functionality is turned on, the wires receive power from the vehicle's electrical system, which heats up both the wires and the surrounding glass.

A heated windshield won't actually get hot to the touch, but it will get hot enough to melt frost or ice on the windshield and help keep the windshield glass clear.

Do I Have a Heated Windshield on My Vehicle?

There are a few ways to check if your vehicle has a heated windshield:

  1. Look for small wires within the bottom section of the windshield (where the wipers are when they're not in operation).
  2. Look for a button on your switch on your vehicle's dashboard. If your vehicle has a rear windshield defrost system, then the heated windshield button or switch will normally be near the rear defrost button or switch.
  3. If you're still not sure whether you have a heated windshield, check your vehicle's owner manual. (The easiest way to check the manual would be to look in the glossary section at the end of the manual.)
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How Do Heated Windshields Work?

Heated windshields use a grid of fine wires to enable their heating ability. The wires are made of tungsten, which is the same material used for the wire elements inside lightbulbs.

When the windshield heater is turned on, power is sent to the windshield's wire grid element. This heats the wires up, which in turn heats the windshield.

While heated windshields don't get hot enough to feel hot or even warm to the touch, they are able to maintain a temperature above freezing. This melts snow or defrosts the windshield if there's already moisture on it, plus it prevents new snow, frost or ice from building up.

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Heated Windshield Benefits

Heated windshields have 2 main benefits:

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Better Visibility in Cold Weather Conditions

The obvious benefit of a heated windshield is improved visibility for the driver in cold conditions where frost, ice, snow or other precipitation can build up on the windshield.

A heated windshield will remove existing moisture built up on the windshield, and prevent new moisture from accumulating.

Heated windshields are also great at removing interior moisture from the windshield if it starts fogging up.

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Reduced Need to Use Heater or Air Conditioner to Defrost or Defog the Windshield

By helping get rid of both external and internal moisture on the windshield in cold conditions, a heated windshield can either eliminate or reduce the need to turn on the heater or AC to keep the windshield clear. This can help keep the vehicle's interior more comfortable for occupants, plus even improve gas mileage.

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Windshield Repair and Replacement with a Heated Windshield

Repairing a Heated Windshield

If your heated windshield has minor damage, it may be possible to perform to fix the damage with a simple windshield repair. As long as the wire grid element in the bottom of the windshield is not compromised, the windshield's heating ability should be unaffected.

If the damage includes the windshield's wire grid system, then a new windshield will most likely be required.

Replacing a Heated Windshield

Heated windshields are generally more expensive than non-heated windshields.

If your vehicle came with a heated windshield, then in most cases your auto insurance should cover the complete cost of a new heated windshield and you won't need to pay anything out of pocket.

If you're paying out of pocket for your new windshield, Pinnacle Auto Glass prices are some of the lowest in town! Your customer service representative can give you a free quote in just a few minutes for a new heated windshield for your vehicle.

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