Shade Band Windshield Replacement - What You Need to Know

Dots on windshield shade band Dots on windshield shade band

This page explains what windshield shade bands, or windshield sun visor strips, are and how they work. Plus, it also explains what you should know for windshield replacements with a shade band or sun visor strip.

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What's a Windshield Shade Band?

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A shade band, or sun visor strip, is a strip of tinted glass at the top of your windshield where it meets the roof of your vehicle.

Most shade bands are between 3"-6" in height.

Shade bands are not mandatory for road vehicles, so they are generally not standard on vehicles.

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Do I Have a Shade Band or Sun Visor Strip on My Windshield?

To check if your vehicle has a shade band, look at the top of the windshield where it meets the roof.

If the top area is tinted darker than the rest of the windshield, then you have a shade band.

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What are the Benefits of a Windshield Shade Band?

  1. The main purpose of a shade band is to reduce sunlight in the driver's eyes when driving.
  2. Shade bands are especially helpful on sunny days and at dusk right before the sun goes down.
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Shade Bands and Windshield Replacement

Shade bands are generally not standard on passenger vehicles. If your vehicle has one, it was likely added after the vehicle was initially purchased or a dealer add-on when new.

Shade Bands & Windshield Repair

Since the shade band is applied on the inside of the windshield, it shouldn't be affected by small repairable chips.

Shade Bands & Windshield Replacement

If you need to replace a windshield with a shade band, a new shade band or sun strip can be applied to the new windshield after it's been installed.

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Other Windshield Technology Types

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