Heads-Up Display (HUD) Windshield Replacement - What You Need to Know

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This page explains how head-up displays work and what you need to know about them when you're looking for windshield replacement near me.

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What Is a Heads-Up Display (HUD)?

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A head-up display is a system that projects images and information from the vehicle's dashboard onto the windshield.

HUD technology was originally invented for use in military aircraft so pilots could easily see the information they needed to operate their aircraft.

HUDs are now found in all kinds of modern vehicles, from aircraft, to boats, to passenger vehicles, and even to farm equipment like tractors.

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How Does a Heads-Up Display Increase Vehicle Safety?

HUDs increase vehicle safety by allowing the driver to maintain their focus on the road ahead instead of looking down at the dash or console.

  • Any time the driver takes their eyes off the road ahead, their chances of getting in an accident increase.
  • HUDs allow the driver to see important information like vehicle speed, fuel level and navigation while keeping their eyes on the road.
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Does My Vehicle Have a Heads-Up Display?

Since HUDs project information onto your windshield so it's easy to see, in most cases it will be obvious if your vehicle is equipped with one.

If you're not sure if your vehicle has a head-up display, simply check the user manual to confirm if one has been installed on your vehicle.

Most vehicles with an HUD have a dash switch or button to turn it on or off. If your vehicle has an HUD and you don't see anything on the windshield, most likely it is turned off. In that case, you'll just need to turn it on via the HUD dash or button.

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What to Know About Replacing Your Glass if Your Vehicle Has an HUD

There are several different kinds of head-up display systems:

  1. Factory-installed HUD systems that project information onto the windshield via a built-in HUD projector.
  2. Aftermarket systems that display information on a separate display mounted on the dash in front of the windshield.

Factory-Installed HUDs & Replacement

Factory-installed HUDs use a windshield that has been entirely polarized. This kind of windshield is more expensive than normal windshields, but in most cases the cost of replacing an HUD windshield will still be covered by your insurance if you have full glass coverage.

Aftermarket HUDs & Replacement

Aftermarket HUDs generally use separate displays mounted on the dash in front of the windshield. Since these displays aren't located on the windshield glass itself, there is no extra cost associated with aftermarket HUD systems when replacing your windshield.

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