Solar Glass (Infrared Reflective) Windshield Replacement - What You Need to Know

Sun reflecting off infrared windshield Sun reflecting off infrared windshield

This page explains how infrared-reflective (IR) windshield glass works, and the things you'll want to know when you're replacing an IR glass windshield on your vehicle.

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What is Infrared-Reflective (IR) Windshield Glass?

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IR windshield glass, also referred to as "solar glass", is a special type of glass that filters out infrared light to reduce temperatures inside the vehicle.

IR windshields have a coating applied to them that provides the IR functionality. For this reason, they are also sometimes called solar coated windshields.

Does my vehicle have IR glass?

An IR windshield looks similar to a regular glass windshield, but if you look at it from outside your car it will often have a purple-ish haze.

If you're not sure that your vehicle has an IR glass windshield, check the owner's manual to confirm if one is installed on your vehicle.

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How Does IR Glass Work?

IR glass works by targeting infrared sunlight waves. Infrared waves transmit heat, so blocking them prevents a significant amount of heat from getting into the vehicle.

While IR glass filters out infrared sunlight waves, it allows visible light through the windshield so it's still transparent to our vision.

IR windshield glass can reflect back up to 50% of the infrared sunlight waves that hit the windshield. This can provide an additional 10 degress of cooling compared to a normal windshield.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of IR Windshield Glass?


  • Cooler Temperatures

    IR glass provides a noticable cooling impact inside the vehicle, so internal temperature and vehicle contact surfaces like the steering wheel, seats and handles are all cooler for the vehicle occupants.

  • Fuel Savings

    IR glass also provides a long-term fuel savings compared to normal windshields, since the cooler temperatures inside the vehicle mean less need for air conditioning.

  • Reduced Interior Aging

    Since less heat gets through an IR windshield, interior elements of the vehicle like the dashboard, seats and steering wheel tend to show fewer effects of aging over time, such as fading or cracking.


  • More Expensive

    IR windshields are generally more expensive than regularly filtered windshields.

  • Block Radio-Controlled Devices

    Any radio-controlled devices like automatic car starters won't function properly with an IR glass windshield, so they'll need a patch that is IR-permeable in order to work properly.

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Windshield Replacement with IR Glass

Things to know when replacing your windshield if it has IR glass:

Paying with Insurance

If your vehicle came with an IR glass windshield and you're using your auto insurance to pay for your service, then the cost of a new IR windshield should be covered and in most cases you won't need to pay extra for it out of pocket.

Paying Out of Pocket

If you'll be paying out of pocket for your new windshield, a replacement IR windshield is generally more expensive. Your Pinnacle Auto Glass customer service representative can give you an out-of-pocket quote for an IR windshield or a standard one so you can choose which one you'd like us to install in your vehicle.

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