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💡 We provide comprehensive auto glass services for all Toyota passenger vehicles sold in the US from 1981 to today. For a free quote for your Toyota, call 480-907-3982.

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What is the cost to replace a Toyota windshield?

With Auto Insurance

Little or nothing out of pocket for most drivers

Most Arizona drivers with auto insurance can get their cracked or chipped Toyota windshield replaced for little or no money out of pocket. Plus, insurance customers are also eligible for our special offers!

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Out of Pocket

Pricing depends on year/options - our prices are some of the lowest in town.

The out of pocket cost for new Toyota auto glass varies based on which Toyota model you have, plus your vehicle's age and options. For a basic idea of costs, see the chart below for pricing estimates on common Toyotas.

Our out of prices are consistently some of the lowest in town, plus we accept all major payment methods.

📞 Note that these prices are estimates only and your pricing may be higher or lower. Call us today at 480-907-3982 for a fast, free quote for your vehicle!
Auto Glass Price Estimates for Common Toyota Vehicles
Year, Vehicle Type & Glass Type Out of Pocket Estimate Insurance Estimate
2017 Mid-Size Sedan Windshield $281.4 $0 + deductible
2016 Sport Utility Windshield $291.15 $0 + deductible
2016 Hybrid Mid-Size Sedan Windshield $212.09 $0 + deductible
2016 Hybrid Hatchback Rear Window $413.97 $0 + deductible
2015 Mid-Size Sedan Windshield $262.43 $0 + deductible
2015 Full Size Standard Cab Pickup Windshield $281.13 $0 + deductible
2015 Compact Crew Cab Pickup Windshield $237.19 $0 + deductible
2014 Sport Utility Rear Window $468.64 $0 + deductible
2014 Compact Sedan Windshield $263.91 $0 + deductible
2013 Mini Van Windshield $341.55 $0 + deductible
2013 Hybrid Hatchback Windshield $319.63 $0 + deductible
2013 Full-Size Sport Utility Windshield $307.43 $0 + deductible
2012 Hybrid Hatchback Windshield $274.03 $0 + deductible
2009 Compact Sedan Rear Window $396.71 $0 + deductible
2008 Hybrid Mid-Size Sedan Windshield $250.02 $0 + deductible
2008 Compact Standard Cab Pickup Windshield $212.62 $0 + deductible
2007 Full-Size Extended Cab Pickup Windshield $344.87 $0 + deductible
2003 Compact Crew Cab Pickup Windshield $170.15 $0 + deductible
2002 Mid-Size Sedan Windshield $248.67 $0 + deductible
1999 Compact Sedan Rear Window $326.41 $0 + deductible

What kind of Toyota windshield warranty do you offer?

Toyota Windshield Replacement Warranty Info

💡 Our replacement warranty is the best in the industry and includes:
  • Complete coverage for the vehicle's life for any issues with installation or material defects
  • Insurance customers also get free chip repairs for the vehicle's life

Toyota Auto Glass Repair Warranty Info

💡 Our repair customers get the same high quality warranty coverage that includes:
  • Complete coverage for the vehicle's life for any issues with installation or material defects

Click here for more information about our lifetime warranty

Did you know?

The first Toyota vehicle ever made was a sedan called the AA that was first produced in 1936.

Original Toyota AA sedan in black

The company that eventually became Toyota started out as a producer of advanced manual and automated looms used for producing textiles. In 1934, the founder's oldest son took some seed money from his father and started an automotive division of the company to produce cars. The first production car produced by the new company was a 4-door sedan called the AA, accompanied by a 2 Dr coupe version called the AB.

The first step in producing the new vehicle was to build a prototype. Under the direction of Kiichiro Toyoda 3 prototypes were built, with construction finishing up in May 1935. In an amazing feat of creativity, the prototypes were officially named "A1".

The G1 Truck - A Temporary Diversion

Because of economic conditions at the time (and probably with some awareness of world tensions and the potential of another large war in the not-to-distant future), the company determined that the fastest road to profits was to build a truck version of their new vehicle, then develop one or more car versions after the truck.

The truck version they built was called the G1. Like the car versions, it was heavily based on existing American vehicles to help get it to market quicker. Production of the G1 continued through World War II into the late 1940s, at which point it was replaced by an updated model with more advanced features and original engineering.

Heavily "Borrowed" Design and Engineering from Existing American Vehicles

To speed up development and reduce initial startup costs, the new AA copied a lot of existing American vehicles for its major components, including:

The auto glass used on the AA had a number of interesting features:

50th Anniversary Replica

In 1987, Toyota wanted to include an AA for the celebration of its 50th anniversary, however, no original examples could be located. There weren't even any complete original plans. The company got around these hurdles by building a replica that was as close as possible to the original design and specification.

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