Nissan Altima Windshield Replacement & Repair

2017 Nissan Altima in red from the front quarter

Service for All Nissan Altima Models from 1992-2018

We offer comprehensive auto glass services for any Altima made, from 1992 to today. We stock glass for all common Altima years, and any glass we don't stock we can order and have available to install within several business days. Get a free quote today at 480-907-3982!

2013 Nissan Altima sedan in red

Fifth Generation

Years Produced: 2012 - Present

2009 Nissan Altima sedan in tan

Fourth Generation

Years Produced: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

2004 Nissan Altima sedan in green

Third Generation

Years Produced: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

1999 Nissan Altima sedan in tan

Second Generation

Years Produced: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

1994 Nissan Altima sedan in black

First Generation

Years Produced: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

The Cost to Replace or Repair Your Nissan Altima's Windshield

For most people, the first thought that flashes through their mind when their vehicle gets damaged is this, "How much is this going to cost me to fix?" Fortunately, the answer may be less than you think. In fact, many of our customers don't actually pay anything themselves to get their glass fixed - it is covered through their auto insurance.

Since glass damage spreads over time, it is always easier and more cost-effective to take care of any chips, dings or cracks on your auto glass sooner rather than later. If you don't, a small chip in your Altima's windshield can easily turn into a crack, and a crack can spread quickly from a small one to a large one spanning your entire windshield. Sometimes a crack can spread like this just from driving over a dip in the road that puts enough tension on your vehicle's windshield.

Using Your Altima's Auto Insurance Policy to Cover Glass Damage

Over 80% of our customers choose insurance, and most pay $0 or close to it out of pocket.

💡 The most popular way our customers pay for their Nissan Altima auto glass service is through their insurance. Most insurance policies will cover both a repair or a replacement job on your Altima's windshield, and you may not even have to pay out any money of your own at all if your policy doesn't have a deductible (a lot of policies here in Arizona don't have deductibles - this is called full glass coverage).

Plus, if you choose insurance you'll automatically qualify for our special offers of cash, local business giveaways and more.

When using insurance, the exact out of pocket cost to you varies based on things the age of the vehicle, the specific model of the Nissan Altima, and the provisions of your insurance policy. If you do opt to use insurance to cover the cost of your Altima's repair or replacement job, you'll also be eligible for one of our special offers we are always running for insurance customers. These aren't lame offers either - we generally always have a free cash option that you can choose, or various free services/offerings from local Valley businesses.

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Paying for Your Glass Service Out of Pocket

We keep our prices low for customers with state-minimum auto insurance policies (or those who just would prefer to pay out of pocket).

Some of our customers decide to cover the cost of getting their Nissan Altima windshield fixed out of their own pocket. If your insurance is state-minimum then it won't have glass coverage so you'll need to go this route.

To get a basic idea for how much this will cost, take a look at the chart below showing out-of-pocket pricing for common Altima years and glass types.

📞 Please be aware that this table just a guide. Call us today at 480-907-3982 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to give you a free quote right over the phone with exact pricing for your Altima!
Nissan Altima Windshield & Auto Glass Price Estimates
Altima Year, Model & Glass Type Out of Pocket Estimate Insurance Estimate
2017 Altima Sedan Windshield $268.21 $0 + deductible
2016 Altima Sedan Windshield $291.46 $0 + deductible
2015 Altima Sedan Windshield $246.79 $0 + deductible
2014 Altima Sedan Windshield $258.51 $0 + deductible
2013 Altima Sedan Door Glass $373.24 $0 + deductible
2013 Altima Sedan Windshield $338.36 $0 + deductible
2012 Altima Sedan Windshield $203.79 $0 + deductible
2011 Altima Sedan Windshield $220.18 $0 + deductible
2010 Altima Sedan Windshield $216.93 $0 + deductible
2009 Altima Sedan Windshield $215.55 $0 + deductible
2008 Altima Sedan Windshield $217.02 $0 + deductible
2007 Altima Sedan Windshield $210.36 $0 + deductible
2006 Altima Sedan Windshield $226.81 $0 + deductible
2005 Altima Sedan Windshield $207.64 $0 + deductible
2004 Altima Sedan Windshield $203.70 $0 + deductible
2003 Altima Sedan Windshield $206.37 $0 + deductible
2002 Altima Sedan Windshield $212.49 $0 + deductible
2001 Altima Sedan Rear Glass $299.83 $0 + deductible
2000 Altima Sedan Windshield $212.92 $0 + deductible
1999 Altima Sedan Windshield $251.60 $0 + deductible

Nissan Altima - a Japanese-American Success Story

Nissan Altima in production line at Smyrna, TN Nissan plant

The Altima is Nissan's entry into the highly competitive mid-size sedan market, where it faces serious competition in the form of the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Despite such a saturated market, the Nissan Altima performs consistently well.

In 2002, the year which followed the Altima's step up from compact car to sedan, the vehicle sold over 200,000 units in the USA alone. This has grown to over 300,000 by 2016 - an impressive total when you consider the sales volume and critical acclaim of its rivals.

Recognized by Automotive Authorities for its Strong Safety Record

One of the key selling points of the modern Nissan Altima is its impeccable safety record. Since winning North American Car of the Year in 2002, the Altima has been singled out twice more for its safety scores in testing. In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opted to award the Altima five stars in its Front-Impact Crash Safety tests. Seven years later, the Altima scooped the prestigious Top Safety Pick, as awarded by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

A Japanese Car Produced in the United States to be Sold to Americans

All US Altimas are produced at Nissan's assembly plant in Smyrna, TN.

While the Altima is a product of one of the most famous automotive manufacturers in Japan, it has played a major role in the recent history of the American automotive industry. Since its introduction in 1992, the Nissan Altima has been produced for the American market at the Nissan assembly line in Smyrna, Tennessee.

The Altima is now an established, time-tested success, both for its parent company in Japan and the workers that build it here in the US.

Nissan continues to be a symbol of Japan's strong automotive industry, but the Altima is also a major contributor to the economy of a small town in the southeastern United States. As we gear up towards the release of the sixth generation of the Altima, it looks like this Japanese-American success story is sure to continue.

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