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We Can Repair or Replace the Auto Glass on All Ford Passenger Vehicles Made from 1981 to Today

We can repair or completely replace damaged auto glass on any Ford passenger vehicle made between today and 1981. (We can also service many light commercial vehicles if they are based on a passenger vehicle platform.)

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Popular Ford models we work on:

Our Ford Auto Glass Services

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Ford Windshield?

Your new windshield price depends on 2 things:

  1. Your Ford vehicle's year, model and options.
  2. Your auto insurance glass coverage type.

Example Ford windshield replacement prices* in Greater Phoenix by auto insurance glass coverage type:

  • Ford no glass coverage example* windshield price: $322.18 (average from table below)
  • Ford comprehensive coverage example* windshield price: $33.10 out of pocket, PLUS $0 cash back (average from table below)
  • Ford full coverage example* windshield price: $0 out of pocket, PLUS $57 cash back (average from table below)

The following table shows example* windshield pricing & cash back for 15 common Ford models we service in Greater Phoenix.

*All prices are examples only. Call us today at 480-907-3982 and we'll be happy to give you an exact quote for your vehicle and insurance!

Ford Windshield Pricing Replacement Examples

Vehicle Insurance Deductible Price Cash Back
1998 Ford F150 Windshield No insurance NA $320.02 NA
1999 Ford Mustang Windshield No insurance NA $325.79 NA
2002 Ford Taurus Windshield No insurance NA $329.8 NA
2003 Ford Ranger Windshield No insurance NA $315.53 NA
2004 Ford F150 Windshield No insurance NA $320.96 NA
2004 Ford Explorer Windshield No insurance NA $337.36 NA
2008 Ford Focus Windshield No insurance NA $310.81 NA
2008 Ford F150 Windshield No insurance NA $291.78 NA
2012 Ford F150 Windshield No insurance NA $318.06 NA
2013 Ford F150 Windshield No insurance NA $351.71 NA
2014 Ford Focus Windshield Comprehensive glass $50 $15 (we pay $35 of deductible) $0
2015 Ford Focus Windshield Comprehensive glass $50 $10 (we pay $40 of deductible) $0
2016 Ford Focus Windshield Comprehensive glass $100 $55 (we pay $45 of deductible) $0
2017 Ford Focus Windshield Full glass $0 (no deductible) $0 (insurance pays) $45
2017 Ford F150 Windshield Full glass $0 (no deductible) $0 (insurance pays) $60
2017 Escape Windshield Full glass $0 (no deductible) $0 (insurance pays) $65

Free Mobile Service for Your Ford Vehicle Anywhere in Greater Phoenix

We'll come perform your Ford's auto glass repair or windshield replacement at whatever location is most convenient for you, anywhere in Greater Phoenix!

Here are some common Valley cities we often visit for mobile auto glass services on Ford vehicles:

Ford: the World's First Large-Scale Automotive Manufacturing Company

The Ford company has taken a complex journey from initial strugges, to worldwide success, to the brink of financial collapse, to back on top as one of the world's premier car companies.

1926 Ford Model T in open-top sedan configuration

Originally incorporated by Henry Ford at the beginning of the 20th century, Ford was not the inventor of the automobile nor was it the first car company. Instead, the genius of Henry Ford was to invent the processes, techniques and systems for manufacturing automobiles on a large scale. Ford's manufacturing systems became so famous and influential around the world that a new word called "Fordism" was coined to refer to them.

Early struggles did not stop Henry Ford, and actually created some future competitors.

Despite its eventual success and worldwide influence, Henry Ford's car company was not successful from the beginning. He stayed with his first car company for only about 1 year, eventually leaving with only his name. This car company stuck around, though, as it was renamed the Cadillac Motor Company and eventually became part of the General Motors brand portfolio.

The twin arrivals of the Ford Model T and the world's first production assembly line transformed Ford from a relative lightweight to the most successful and influential car company in the world.

The first vehicles that Ford actually produced were assembled by hand and never sold in high numbers. It was not until the arrival of the Model T and the invention of the assembly line that Ford's fortunes changed.

The Only American Car Company to Make it through the Early-2000s without Direct Government Bailouts

Like other domestic car manufacturers, Ford went through a period of financial crisis in the early 2000s. Major contributing factors were high costs for legacy healthcare and other employee benefits, plus declining competitiveness across the product line with vehicles from other manufacturers, particularly those from Asia.

Leveraging its brand assets provided Ford the liquidity needed to weather the storm on its own.

Unlike other American car manufacturers, which were effectively bailed out by the government, Ford took responsibility for its own success and weathered the storm through shrewd management of its debt and cash positions and effective compromises with its employee unions. The largest annual loss Ford experienced during this time was almost $13 billion in 2006. Ford returned to profitability several years later in 2009 and has been consistently profitable ever since.

After solving its financial issues, the next step was returning competitive quality across its vehicle production range.

While addressing costs was part of the solution to its financial crisis, the other part was in restoring its competitive quality across the range and once again competing with the best in the world on an objective level.

Ford has continually increased vehicle quality over the past decade and now has a robust lineup of vehicles including some outrageous performers: