Glass chip repair

Windshield Repair Near Me: Mobile Crack & Rock Chip Repairs Nearby

Glass chip repair

Chips or cracks in your windshield are no match for our expert mobile technicians! We can repair your windshield near me anywhere throughout the Valley.

Call us today at 480.907.3982 to schedule your windshield repair appointment near me!

Up to
$275 Cash Back
Cash Back
Lifetime Chip Repairs
$300value Lifetime Chip Repairs*
Up to
$575value w/ Windshield Replacement
w/ Windshield Replacement
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Get Your Chips Repaired Nearby

Illustration of star windshield chip

Guidelines for Chips

We can often perform a rock chip repair near me if the chip(s) doesn't have any crushed glass, is more than 2 inches from any edge, and is smaller than a quarter coin.

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Get Your Cracks Repaired Nearby

Windshield with single crack

Guidelines for Cracks

Most cracks are not repairable. We can repair some windshield cracks near me if the crack(s) isn't in the driver's field of vision, is at least 2 inches from any edge, and is smaller than a dollar bill.

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Our Process

Technician drilling into windshield chip during repair


We use the same process for repairing a chip or crack in your windshield near me

  1. One of our mobile technicians will meet you near me at any location you'd like in Greater Phoenix.
  2. Your technician will clean the area around the windshield chip or crack.
  3. The technician will then use a specialized tool to create a vacuum around the chip or crack and inject a liquid resin into the area to completely fill it.
  4. After the liquid has been injected, it will cured using ultraviolet light to turn it into a solid.
  5. If necessary, the technician will repeat the process until the entire damaged area has been completely filled with resin.
  6. Finally, the technician will polish the repaired chip or crack so it's smooth.

Once your windshield has been repaired, your vehicle will be ready to drive right away.

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Why We're Better than Other Companies

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Here's why hundreds of thousands of customers have chosen our company:

  1. Our company has completed 750,000+ mobile services in the Valley.
  2. Payment to repair your windshield chip near me is easy and convenient.
    • We can work with any auto insurance company if your policy covers glass.
    • If you'd prefer to pay yourself, we accept all major payment methods.
  3. Every service includes a powerful, 100% lifetime guarantee that protects you against future problems with the materials or workmanship.
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Expansive Mobile Service Area

Mobile service map of Phoenix, AZ

Our mobile service area covers the entire Phoenix Metro Area, so we can come meet you for your service at almost any location within 100 miles.

Your work, your house or your school – we can meet you at any of these locations, or anywhere else that works best for you!

If you need your windshield repaired quickly, we often have availability the same day you call in. When you call your representative can check if a same day time slot is available for your service.

Give us a call today to schedule your windshield repair service near me!

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How can I get my windshield repaired near me?

1. Call us at 480.907.3982 or request a quote.

2. We'll work directly with your auto insurance company, or you can pay out-of-pocket.

3. We'll come repair your windshield anywhere Valley-wide.

4. We'll send you any special offers you qualify for, like free cash back!

Why choose us to repair your windshield near me?

1. Up to $275 Cash Back with Insurance

2. Same Day Available (Call 480.907.3982 to Verify)

3. BBB A+ Rated Auto Glass Shop

4. Licensed Technicians

5. OEM Glass or Equivalent

6. 100% Lifetime Warranty

Get started now! Call us at 480.907.3982 or request a quote.

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