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12 Random Things that Have Been Stuck in Windshields

Large log that has gone entirely through a van's windshield

Many of the images on the Internet of random things stuck in windshields were staged and never happened. At least one involved an unconfirmed, suspicious pole in a windshield that supposedly happened during a cab driver's involvement in an FBI Black Op.

However, plenty of random things have indeed become stuck in windshields, such as people and other unexpected objects.

This page lists some of the more unusual things that actually did end up stuck, plus some normal things that are often stuck on windshields as a part of everyday driving.

Weird Random Things that Really Did Get Stuck

People Getting Stuck

Crash dummy that has gone through the windshield after an accident

People getting stuck in windshields happens frequently around the globe. Sometimes they remain stuck for miles before the driver even realizes they are there.

Random Objects and Items Getting Stuck

Ax that got stuck in a windshield

Random objects that have been stuck in windshields range from guns, axes, beams and $100 bills to stiletto heels.

  • One robber who shot and fired into a car lost his AR-10-like clone when the driver rammed into him instead of stopping, causing him to lose his grip. The gun became embedded in the windshield.

  • An improperly secured ax fell off a landscape truck in Topsfield, Massachusettes, becoming embedded partway in the windshield of the vehicle following behind it. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but that was cutting it close!

  • In December 2015, a metal beam used as a ramp by trucks use to load and unload materials pierced the windshield of a BMW traveling south in San Jose, California, on Interstate 280. Firefighters speculate the beam fell off a truck traveling on the highway and reported the driver sustained only a minor scratch.

  • Holiday scammers in Maryland stuck $100 bills into windshield wiper blades to lure drivers to leave their car doors open while retrieving the money, creating a perfect opportunity to steal the vehicle. ABC affiliate news station WJLA reported the possible scam in November 2014, but they were unclear whether this scam was only a potential one or had occurred.

  • These two stiletto heels in a windshield might "pique your Pinterest."

Things that Got Stuck in Movies

Screenshot from the movie Twister

Random things stuck in windshields make for awesome visual effects in disaster movies and memorable publicity or public relations stunts.

How about geek character Clark's baseball bat striking all those windshields in the 2006 movie, Benchwarmers?

Disaster movies like Twister are notorious for impaling poles and other objects in windshields to create dramatic scenes. Unfortunately, those objects are not as easily removed from real-life windshields.

Normal Things that Got (or Get) Stuck

Toll sensor mounted on a windshield

In addition to the oddities listed above, there are plenty of more normal things you might find stuck or embedded in a windshield.

  • Practically invisible circuitry delivers the vehicle's defrost system feature or houses anti-theft and safety alarm systems.

  • Stickers and decals verify compliance with state and local vehicle safety. They may authorize property access and parking. We see a ton of these with our customers in Tempe who go to school at the main ASU campus, and with our customers in Glendale who attend ASU West.

  • Tracking devices that report driving behavior to insurance companies and global positioning satellite devices may also be stuck to windshields while in use.

  • Suction cup mounts used to stick a smartphone or GPS to your windshield are illegal or at least restricted in many states, but many people use them anyways.

    The position of these devices could obstruct vision and compromise safety. Their adhesives can seriously damage the windshield if improperly installed on sensitive, circuitry laden-glass.

  • Drivers who frequent toll roads may have a chip embedded or stuck in their windshield or hung behind the rearview mirror that a toll pass reader can detect and deduct costs as the car or truck passes through.

    The wrong kind of UV blocking film stuck on a windshield can block signals that allow the chip and the reader to communicate, resulting in a ticket for the driver.

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