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Lincoln Crafted: LEGO Version

We love Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln car commercials & we love Legos, so we decided to make a Lego version of the recent Lincoln Crafted commercial. Enjoy!

Original Crafted Commercial

The original commercial is shot in an exotic location with both Matthew and the new Lincoln Continental appearing to stand on water and dramatically silhouetted against the sky.

Lego Version

Our Lego version is done in stop motion, with 12 individual pictures for each 1 second of video. It took 400+ different pictures (some are repeated) to make up this 60-second commercial!

For the voice, we used a text-to-speech generator to stay with the low-tech Lego vibe.

Original Commercial: All Individual Scenes

Original Scene 1

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 1

View from the back of Matthew's head as he stands looking at the new Lincoln Continental.

Lego Version: All Individual Scenes

Lego Scene 1

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 1

For Lego Mathew McConaughey, we used a black Lego torso with a suit and tie graphic on it, plus brown spiky hair from the Lego Ninjago character Kai.

Original Scene 2

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 2

Pans down the right rear of the car, then the right front wheel is shown reflected in shimmering water.

Lego Scene 2

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 2

For the water shimmer effect, we placed Glad Cling Wrap over our Lego car's right front wheel and then moved it slightly for each shot in this scene.

Original Scene 3

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 3

Matthew stares into the distance, silhouetted against a moving sky. (There is a lot of "silhouetting" throughout the original commercial LOL)

Lego Scene 3

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 3

For the moving clouds effect, the clouds in the background were moved down 1 row for each shot in this scene.

Original Scene 4

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 4

Matthew's lower face is shown reflected in the car's rearview mirror, then his upper face is shown and the scene cuts away.

Lego Scene 4

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 4

For the rear view mirror scenes like this one, we printed out large pictures of our Lego figure's head, cut them out and then Scotch taped them to an actual car's rearview mirror.

For the mouth opening and closing effect and the eyes moving effect, we edited the individual frames in Microsoft Paint.

We also used a Lego head with a more serious expression to try and match the original expression better.

Original Scene 5

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 5

Matthew stands silhouetted in front of the sky at an angle looking at the car. Car has door open. Camera zooms in with clouds moving down in the background.

Lego Scene 5

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 5

The door on our car is open here just like in the original :)

Original Scene 6

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 6

Looking through the open front doors of the car, Matthew is silhouetted on the other side with blue sky in the background, then with the sun setting.

Lego Scene 6

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 6

This is the first scene where you can actually see the suit and tie graphic on the torso of our Lego figure! Details.

We used orange tissue paper in the background for the sunset effect.

Original Scene 7

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 7

Matthew's hand reaches to open the car's front door from the inside, then from the outside we see the car door slowly open.

Lego Scene 7

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 7

We made sure to get a Lego car with doors that open so we could make the door open in slow motion for this scene.

Original Scene 8

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 8

Matthew is standing to the left of the car's front, with both man and car silhouetted in front of the sky. Then Matthew's head is shown reflected in shimmering water.

Lego Scene 8

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 8

Yes! This scene was another opportunity to use our Glad Cling Wrap water shimmer effect like in Scene 2.

Original Scene 9

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 9

Matthew's hands holding the steering wheel, then reaching up to grab it.

Lego Scene 9

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 9

Notice how the Lego figure's hands are too far apart to actually touch the steering wheel LOL. It turns out the Lego steering wheel is much narrower than the space between Lego figure arms.

Original Scene 10

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 10

Pans down the right side of the car from the back to the front.

Lego Scene 10

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 10

Yep, we just panned down the right side of our Lego car here as well.

Original Scene 11

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 11

Matthew's hand resting on the steering wheel, then pans down the right side of the car from front to rear.

Lego Scene 11

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 11

The Lego figure's arm and hand couldn't reach the steering wheel because they only go up and down, so we just showed his arm raised in this scene.

Original Scene 12

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 12

Matthew is sitting in the front seat talking while moving his hand back and forth. Then he points to the back seat with his thumb. Then he shakes his head.

Lego Scene 12

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 12

For the talking effect, we opened every other picture in Microsoft Paint and filled in the mouth to give the appearance of talking.

Original Scene 13

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 13

Matthew is sitting in the back seat of the car with his eyes closed, talking.

Lego Scene 13

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 13

For closed eyes, we used a Lego head called "Sleepyhead".

This was another scene where we made a talking effect by filling in the mouth on every other picture using Microsoft Paint.

Original Scene 14

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 14

Close-up of Matthew's head turning around.

Lego Scene 14

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 14

This scene was tricky because we had to position the hair piece just so on the head so its eyes stayed visible in all the shots.

Original Scene 15

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 15

In the back seat, Matthew crosses his leg, adjusts his jacket, closes his eyes and folds his hands.

Lego Scene 15

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 15

Lego figures can only do simple movements, so for this scene we made his left leg raise up and then made him lean forward and back, first with eyes open and then with eyes closed.

Original Scene 16

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 16

Close-up of Matthew looking into the rearview mirror from the front seat, then smiling in the back seat, then laughing in the front seat.

Lego Scene 16

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 16

For the laughing effect, we found a Lego head with a huge goofy smile.

Original Scene 17

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 17

Close up of Matthew's hand pushing the car's stop/start button, then the car driving, then just water and clouds.

Lego Scene 17

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 17

We used pieces of cotton from cotton balls to simulate the tracks the car in the original video makes in the water it's driving on.

Original Scene 18

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 18

Slow-motion close-up of the car's right rear wheel turning with water splashing up from it, then Matthew's face in the rear view mirror, then slow-motion close-ups of water droplets.

Lego Scene 18

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 18

We used cotton from torn up cotton balls to simulate splashing water. We got this idea from Ford Europe's holiday stop-motion video Snowkhana 5. Thanks Ford guys and gals for this idea!

Original Scene 19

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 19

Quick shots of the car's navigation screen, then the right rear side of the car while in motion, then a close-up of Matthew's face driving car with his hand raised.

Lego Scene 19

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 19

We made sure our Lego car has an interior display on it so we could show it for this scene.

Original Scene 20

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 20

More quick shots of the rear of the car, Matthew's hand closing the car's center console and then just water and clouds.

Lego Scene 20

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 20

Our Lego car doesn't have a center console, so we just made the Lego character's right arm move that part of this scene.

Original Scene 21

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 21

More quick shots of Matthew's hand slapping the steering wheel, the car driving towards the camera and the right rear of the car while in motion.

Lego Scene 21

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 21

For this scene and other scenes of the car in motion, we rotated the wheels slightly in each of the pictures that make up the scene so that they appear to move.

Original Scene 22

Original Crafted Commercial Scene 22

Birdseye perspective of car on water from high above with text "That's Continental" and "This is Lincoln."

Lego Scene 22

Lego Crafted Commercial Scene 22

We wrote out all the text in Legos for this last scene.


Original Commercial

Lincoln Motor Company

Lego Commercial Production

Our desktop production set we used to make our Lego Crafted video

1. Camera: Apple iPhone 6

2. Stop-motion software: Stop Motion Studio Pro app

3. iPhone tripod: Insignia cell phone tripod

4. Lights: Mainstays LED desk lamp (2)

5. Image editor: Microsoft Paint for Windows 7

6. Text-to-voice generator: Acapela Text-to-Speech demo

7. Gif creation software: Instagiffer

Lego Commercial Main Elements

Close-up of our Lego Matthew McConaughey figure with its eyes closed

1. Lego Matthew McConaughey

2. Car

3. Water & sky

Lego Commercial Special Effects

Glad Wrap box

1. Water shimmer effect: Glad Cling Wrap

2. Spraying water effect: miscellaneous cotton balls

3. Sunset effect: miscellaneous orange tissue paper

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