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Fast, professional work with excellent warranty coverage:

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  • Fast, convenient scheduling
    Our large team of installers and 7 days a week schedule means we can normally come out to take care of your glass within a day or two, sometimes even the same day!
  • Professional results
    All technicians have at least 3 years of industry experience, plus we use only OEM or equivalent parts and materials.
  • Insurance approved
    We work with every auto insurance company, so if your auto insurance covers glass (and most Valley policies do) then you can get your door or rear window glass taken care of for little or nothing out of pocket.
  • Complete coverage for life
    As with all our services, we back door and rear window work with our lifetime guarantee good for the life of the vehicle. This provides complete protection against install and/or material defect issues.
  • Based right here in the Valley
    As a family-owned local business, money spent with us stays here in the local Valley economy.

Types of Door and Rear Window Glass

There are many different kinds of door and rear window glass, depending on the type of vehicle, its configuration, and, in some cases, its installed accessories. We can generally service any auto glass that the vehicle came with from the factory. We can also source many classic, antique and aftermarket vehicle glass components on request.

Sunset reflecting off car door window

Here is a partial list of door and rear window glass types that we can service:

  • Window glass
  • Power window glass
  • Rear car window (also called “rear windshield”, “rear glass”, “car back glass”)
  • Rear truck or SUV window (also called “truck back glass”)
  • Truck sliding glass (also called “pickup truck slider”)
  • Factory tinted rear window
  • Factory colored glass
  • Station wagon or SUV tailgate glass (also called “liftgate glass”)
  • Quarter panel glass
  • Movable glass (also called “pop out glass”)
  • Heated rear window glass (also called “defroster glass”)

Does My Damaged Auto Glass Need to Get Replaced, or Can It Be Repaired?

Door Window Glass Guidelines

Damaged window glass is generally replaced.

Rear Window Glass Guidelines

Rear window (also sometimes called rear windshield) damage can be repaired if it meets certain criteria.

  • Can’t be within 2 inches of edge
  • Chips can’t be larger than a quarter, cracks need to be single (not multiple) and smaller than a dollar bill

How Our Door Window Glass Replacement Process Works

Man replacing car door window glass
  1. 1 Confirm that the window does need replacement by thoroughly inspecting it and the entire door for damage to the glass itself and damage to the window’s raising and lowering functionality.
  2. 2 Carefully take off the door panel to get access to the entire glass piece(s).
  3. 3 Remove all pieces of damaged glass and clean up any debris by vacuuming the door and/or surrounding area.
  4. 4 Install the new window in the door.
  5. 5 With the door panel off, test the window’s raising and lowering functionality to make sure it functions correctly.
  6. 6 After confirming that the window is working properly, re-install the door panel.
  7. 7 Perform a final clean-up of the area to make sure there is no debris leftover.

Backed by our 100% Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty

Once your glass has been fixed, we will guarantee the work performed for life just like we do with all our services. If you have any issues with your glass, contact us and we will make it right by repairing or replacing as required.

Our warranty is good for the life of your vehicle as long as the original invoice for the work is present.

Lifetime Warranty Details

How Our Rear Window Glass Replacement Process Works

Mazda 3 rear window
  1. 1 Thoroughly check the damaged area to confirm that the rear window does need to be replaced.
  2. 2 Remove the rear window from the vehicle by cutting through the existing seal that attaches it to the frame and then lifting it from the vehicle using special tools equipped with suction cups.
  3. 3 Once the old window is out, then clean up the work area to remove debris from the glass itself or the old seal.
  4. 4 Apply a new seal to the frame around the rear window area, and then place the new window on the seal to secure it to the vehicle.
  5. 5 If the window has any power functionality such as defrost, etc., then check that it works correctly.
  6. 6 Clean the work area again to ensure that no debris is left.

Backed by our 100% Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty

Once we have finished fixing your glass, it will be backed by the same 100% guaranteed warranty we include with each service. Our warranty covers both installation and maintenance and lasts for the vehicle's lifetime.

Lifetime Warranty Details

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